27 Mar 2010

Illustration Rally

I have another blog called Illustration Rally which is the blog that has illustrators from all over the world rallying with their lovely drawings, it's just like inky tennis!

I started this blog with Joanne Young originally as a personal project but now it's open to anyone else! With the alphabet theme, we have people helping us up to Z already but we are planning to carry on the project with different themes such as numbers, months, horoscopes, etc!

Here are some awesome illos contributed to Illustration Rally,

Ediot by James Baker

Gaga Ooh la la by Tom Colmans

Heartbroken by Tigz Rice

I SPY. by Ian Caulkett

22 Mar 2010

Have you heard of Pornsaints?

A little while ago, I was contacted by Francesco D'Isa who is the Pornpope! (One of the coolest titles I've ever heard!) He runs a site called Pornsaints (contains pornographic images) which is an erotic themed arts site, and he asked me to become a Pornbishop which sounded kinda fun and scary, but if you visit their site the quality of art you can see there is wonderful so I thought why not try this. Plus, I can't say I've never drawn pornographic style illustration before.

Here is my portrait of Miss Panic, she was really sweet on her email and I was delighted to hear that she loved my illustration. My work will be up there at some point soon but I was allowed to upload the image on my blog, hope you enjoy this!

21 Mar 2010

Icelandic Music

It's such a lovely Sunday so I finally decided to update my blog!

Here are some contributions for The 405 which describe themselves as "an online Music/Art/Film magazine packed with the latest reviews, interviews, news, mixtapes, features & much more. Since being formed in the spring of 2008, The 405 has built up an army of fans, put on some gigs and generally had an amazing time doing so."

Sounds nice, doesn't it? So why not check them out.

I've never heard of Seabear before, but I actually absolutely adore their music, it goes perfectly well with a peaceful Sunday, take that!

1 Mar 2010

Lesley Barnes Bookmark

I got lovely bookmarks from a wonderful animator/illustrator Lesley Barnes last week,

it was originally bought as a Valentine's day gift but Royal mail didn't deliver it successfully at the first time so she kindly sent me another one of her bookmarks for me too!

After getting these lovely gifts, I was suddenly in a mood for making something hand made by myself. So let's do origami since I'm a totally Japanese, this is a dodecahedron origami I made!