13 May 2010

Artwork framed!

This is my newly framed "Miss Panic"!

I love how clean it looks, and it's a nicely done frame though the guy in the frame shop could not stop teasing me for drawing a nude woman, maybe it didn't look quite connected as I am an average normal looking Asian girl. (girl?) I just thought maybe I should at least expose tits as this is for a porn graphical art collective, I'm not that fetish you see...

It is going to be sent to Zurich for upcoming Pornsaints exhibition at Museum of Porn in Art, sounds really exciting, I wonder what do they exhibit usually?!

12 May 2010

Z is for Zombie prince

So, this is the last letter for Illustration Rally's Alphabet theme!

I couldn't come up with anything other than zombies for Z, I don't think anyone could come up with something different, don't you agree?

One of the things I was surprised by while living in England was how much English people love zombies. I wasn't a big fan of zombies or zombie films but I think I got warmer to them now, I loved Shaun of the Dead, I was annoyed by the kids in 28 weeks later, Lesbian Vampire Killers was one of the crappiest film I've ever watched, hmm? It wasn't even a zombie film, I guess zombies take my fancy slightly more.

(checking 28 weeks later's website wasn't a good idea by the way...)

10 May 2010

Products available on society6

That's all what I need to say, shipping fee isn't too cheap if you are living outside America though I'd really really appreciate if anyone actually by those, I was almost in tears when I made my first sale you know!

Each works are available as products from the links below!

9 May 2010

Sketchbook Magazine issue 2

Here I am, I still have something to write, I wasn't just laying down in my bed and wetting my pillow with my mouth water thorough the previous weeks.

Long time ago, I think that was last year, I visited Sketchbook Magazine's office in London for showing my portfolio. I was surprised and inspired by how young the editors are and their passion and talent. Sketchbook Magazine is a quality magazine with fantastic eye candy, it showcases established and emerging creative talents in fashion, design and culture with a focus in features, photography and illustration.

They just published their issue 2 which I contributed a series of illustration featuring Nick Knight's SHOWstudio, it was a fun project and I really enjoyed drawing the costumes designed by Gareth Pugh. Hope you enjoy it too...

You can also read web version of Sketchbook Magazine issue 2 here.

8 May 2010

Happy Journey Collective

It is rainy Saturday which forces me to blog...

Last Friday, the project called Happy Journey Collective was launched. It's started by 3 lovely illustrators, Thereza Rowe, Lesley Barnes and Abi Daker coming up with the idea of creating imaginative illustrated coffins, they invited illustrators/artists and made it into a wonderful and positive collective.

The artists participating in the collective are wonderful, including Simon Wild, uberkraaft, Jo Cheung, and Emma Cowley.

I participated with a piece called "Tempus Fugit" inspired by Mexico's festival of death.

They are also open for commissions through their flickr group so why don't you give it a go?