26 Aug 2010

Illustrating Lu Flux

They are my submission for Amelia's Anthology of Fashion Illustration!

Lu Flux's design is mythical and romantic, it's a pure pleasure to draw her design.

Hope you like them... :)

12 Aug 2010

Russian church and Japanese building

I rendered some old illustrations which were discovered after a massive cleaning...

You can buy art print of them from here :)

11 Aug 2010

Discovered old illustration...

I was having a massive summer cleaning and discovered those Japanese and Russian building drawings from a tower of papers I was ignoring for ages.

I'm rendering those to new illustrations for fun and I'm selling the originals for someone who would take better care of them. As these are old illustrations, I'm selling them for only £10 each, just Email me if you are interested! :)

Japanese building £10
138 x 180 mm water colour paper, pencils, inks

Russian church £10
146 x146mm watercolour paper, pastels, pencils