16 Apr 2010

Lovely girl from a planet of Blur

Saying "twitter is awesome!!" or "twitter is the best!!!" would put many people off probably and I'm not going to say that. But I must admit I met so many wonderful people through it, and Nadya Saskia is one of them! She is from Jakarta and totally crazy about Blur, she is the reason why I drew Damon Albarn for Illustration Rally.

I took part in her postcard project in which she sends a diy postcard to people who want it, they'll receive the postcard weeks later and they take a picture of themselves with the postcard or just the postcard alone. They send the photos to her and she compiles them into a zine!

Sounds awesome doesn't it?

and this is what I've done for her! I can't wait to see her completed zine...

14 Apr 2010

Be a strong woman

I just sent a drawing off for the Photography and Art competition at the Birdcage gallery in Norwich today. I didn't have much time for it so the original image is quite small (5"x7") but I had a little bit of playing around with my scanned image, which I'm hoping that you like.

The theme was circus so I was doing some research but I was really struggling to get any inspiration, when I finally came up with the idea, bondage (I'm not sure how I was going to connect it with the theme circus) my idea even went worse and couldn't get any roughs done. Despite the fact the photographs of Nobuyoshi Araki I was looking at were incredibly inspirational, sexy and passionate.

Anyways, I gave up on drawing bondage and started to draw a juggler but my other half suggested to me to look up Strong men, (I never heard of this before...) and I quite liked the idea so this's what happened in the end.

13 Apr 2010

New illustration added on my website

As the title says!

Including Nirvana (the image below) which is one of the illustrations displaying at Yolanta hair and beauty salon in Mayfair. You can see all the new work here!

I also am experiencing with typography for making greeting cards, I wonder if you like the line at all...?

and I made a fan page of Illustration Rally on facebook as well, pretty active, ain't I?
Please become a fan of Illustration Rally! I promise you I won't let you down. :)

9 Apr 2010

Featured in Computer Arts Magazine!

Here is wicked news! My work is in this month's Computer Arts Magazine as part of Japan feature! Unfortunately, my name got spelt wrong (Natsuki Osani, it says) and there was almost no-one called by that name on the internet so anyone who's interested in my work because of the article will never find me really.

My name is Natsuki Otani, not Natsuki Osani, I'm just writing this with a little hope that this blog post will give people a chance to reach to my website if there are any! If you are the one who's interested in my illustration and couldn't find my website, the link is below! :D

Still, I'm really really happy about this, this is the first time my work ever appeared in such a major magazine. All the Japanese artists in the article are so talented and big names, (I'm not nearly good enough to be next to them honestly) you should keep an eye on those guys!
In the end, a big thank you to Nick Carson for such a wonderful feature.

6 Apr 2010

Secret Places

I have done a collaboration with Urban Outfitter x Society6, yes! This is called "Hideaway Love", I created this for the theme "Secret Places", this is an incredibly girly and romantic picture, I felt so womanly I must admit.

You can buy art print, iphone cover and laptop skin here!