30 Jun 2011

Paint it! Make it! retrospective!

Erica Sharp, Lea Wade, Stephen Chan and I were planning this event over a month and we finally did it last Saturday! We had cakes, balloons, origamis, pens and everything, live drawing by Mr Millerchip, Kristian Jones, Seb Burnett and Stephen Chan was amazing, best live drawing I've ever seen, and people loved live portrait drawing by Jenny Robins and June Sees... We've raised £300.16 pounds on a day when the tube was down Glastonbury was on, and the whole world was conspiring to keep us out of London! (My train in morning was stuck halfway through to London for 20mins and had to change twice after, train for going back home took over 2 hours thought it takes about 1 hour usually, taxi we took from the station wasn't even bothered to stop in front of our flat! )

Preparation time...
Everyone (especially girls!) loved kimonos and yukatas, zine binding, our origami zoo, hundreds of pen, papers and crafty bits, two massive cardboard trees...

I made matcha (green tea) and ginger white choc cupcakes... didn't have a chance to taste... :(

Prizes from ToDryForNo Guts No Glory and Kuretake UK!
Beautiful Emma Block and Kim Roberts in Yukatas!
Emma and Kim looked so stunning, I'm sure their BFs wanted to see this in person... :)

Origami workshop by Erica Sharp and Kuretake UK pen trial!
Zine making workshop by Lea Wade!
Lovely Will Aslett and Katie Moth popped in too...

Live portrait drawing by Jenny Robins and June Sees!
Awesome girls, I love how happy he looks with his portrait... :D

Live drawing in morning!
Completed live drawing by Mr MillerchipKristian JonesSeb Burnett and Stephen Chan!
We have more fantastic pictures on Illustration Rally flickr page, so please check them out. 

A massive thanks to all those who came and to all those who helped out tirelessly, giving us the first of what we hope will be many Illustration Rally live art events! We've raised nearly £2,000 since we started our Japan Tsunami Appeal on JustGiving, I could never do this without everyone's help...

I also did a cover art of our Paint it! Make it! zine, I wasn't sure if it's ok for me to do this as all the contributors in the zine is fantastic... but Stephen forced me to do (honest!) so I think I can justify myself this time... You can buy our charity zine from here for the minimum donation for the zine is £3, and postage and packing costs £1.50 for UK shipping, £2.50 rest of the world. 

19 Jun 2011

Paint it! Make it! Party for Japan

Many of you already know that I own another blog called Illustration Rally, and we are organizing a wicked art event to raise money for Japan tsunami appeal. Lovely illustrator friends: Erica Sharp, Lea Wade and Stephen Chan are helping us this event super successful together, they have been so amazing and I can't thank them enough really. :) 

I have done a cover art for our special charity zine, and here is a sneaky peek for you!

Hope you like it and feel free to repost this on your blog or site and use the hash tag #paintitmakeit on twitter to spread the word about this, and facebook event page is here!

Event details

Saturday the 25th of June 10am til 5pm

The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, City of London, Greater London EC2A 4XS

Live Drawing
Keeping you in the mood all day the awesome Mr Millerchip and Kristian Jones will be creating some slick visuals and giving us some original art before your eyes!

Pop Up Shop
Thanks to our amazing community we have some fabulous pieces of art on our charity shop on etsy, and we will be bringing it to life in all it's charity goodness at the event. Browse enjoy and buy, just with everything else it all goes to charity.

Origami Folding
Take part in some tradition and get your fold on, learn a skill, make paper happy and take home something sweet.

How to wear kimono and tea ceremony
Join how to wear kimono workshop and experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Charity Raffle, Part 2!
Need another chance to pick up exclusive, one in a million , designer kitchen ware for only a pound? Then look no further than the live section of our charity raffle where 5 more magnificent tea towels from the super lovely ToDryFor will find loving homes. Check the designs available from Paint it! Make it! updates!

T-shirt Available from No Guts No Glory
Designed by the event live artist Mr Millerchip! The T-shirt "Dunkun - Organic White T" will be available at the event and if you want to learn a little more about the wonderful Millerchip you can read about him in our live artist feature.

New art products to test! Kuretake Pens
Try out some of the hottest new products from amazing pen maker Kuretake. Some amazing pens, you can use in really cool ways, you may even drop your posca, so check it out!

There will be cakes! They will be awesome, and you will be able to get your hands on some great munch to keep you fuelled for the day, may contain nuts, will contain tasty, what more could you want!

Music has been careful chosen for your listening pleasure by DJ halwo SAKAMOTO, DJ CHINEN and DJ 柳 (Yanagi). It is an ecxclectic mix of Jpop, Jelectro and techno all mixed by Japanese DJ's to keep you in the mood for a party.

Zine Making
Assemble and bind your very own zine, our zine making is the most interactive collaborative event we can make it so feel free to bring your own bits and bobs to share, from coloured paper ribbons and pens you can bring anything you like to add to your customisation. Our zine is going to be A5 so if you want to, you can bring along your own artwork for people to bind, feel free to sign it or even just bind it into your own zine, the zine is BW so even photocopies would be fun. We will be providing plenty of extra cute bits and bobs too. We have a wonderful selection of artists for your zine making pleasure.

Everything we raise from this event will be donated to our Japan tsunami appeal on JustGiving!