26 Sep 2010

LSD love + Margaret Howells + A barricade

My blog isn't really catching up with my life, so this "LSD love" is made a month ago for Ian Caulkett's Fantastic Suburbia. I created this from Sarah Remy Lee's lovely poem, LSD love.

This one is Margaret Howell's elegant gown for Amelia's Magazine at London Fashion Week. Every time I tried to record the process of my drawing, I totally forget keeping it up, but you can tell my rough's not really helping my lines from the photo below!lol

and here are more random images from my life...

My handmade barricade!

He forgot to let me know whether he was coming back home or staying out, therefore I had to stay up waiting for him till very late, I was furious!! So of course I had to make a barricade as my protest :)))

20 Sep 2010

My illustration in HUCK Magazine

Wow, it's real! (what I thought firstly) Yes, I did an illustration for amazing HUCK Magazine. I never really drew someone as wrinkly as him before but I think it came out ok, although I don't entirely get why I'm always surrounded by slightly trippy subjects. I can't even drink alcohol, honest.

This is the original!

They are the pom poms!

I love making them, yeah...

9 Sep 2010


Just a quick update here, this is a small illustration I did for my exhibition.
I just love ponchos and massive hats!!

7 Sep 2010

Exhibition + Weezer + Breakfast

So, this is my Weezer for Amelia's Magazine! I never listened to them properly before but River Cuomo is such a photogenic and great fun guy to draw. Apparently, he didn't like Japan for a little bit for some reason (he never said why) and is now married to a Japanese lady... ok, I'm being a detective here :)

I'm now having an exhibition at the T lounge gallery in Norwich as well, this place is so lovely and I blame myself for not coming here when I used to live in Norwich! We will have a reverse private view in October though the date is yet to be confirmed.

Here is my bestest breakfast, I just wanted to show it off because it just looks so tasty. (and it was!)

1 Sep 2010

Don't forget to write to Santa Claus

My submission for Ballad Of

I remember getting a letter from Santa Claus when I was small... and it was written in some sort of English so I really believed that it was from him. Sweet memories!

Illustrating Ada Zandition

Here is another new fashion illustration, Ada Zandition's beautiful dress I did for Amelia's Magazine!

Read the full article here, very inspiring and you can see the beautiful illustrations of ADZ by Aniela Murphy and Jess Stokes too!