9 Mar 2012

Shelter Up My Street Art Auction: Collaboration with Amelia’s Magazine illustrators!

 Photo courtesy of Amelia's Magazine

Amelia's Magazine illustrators: Lesley Barnes, Emma Block, Yelena BryksenkovaAntonia ParkerThereza Rowe and I participated in a wonderful charity art auction for Shelter. Amelia chose to theme the work around the concept of a safe secure home. The wonderful illustrators all created their idea of a comforting safe home and the final piece was brought together into one home designed by Lesley Barnes.

This is a close up of my illustration, I wanted something multicultural and happy so I decided to draw a secret  kid's fort party to show the joy of home. Amelia mentioned that the structure of house will be drawn by Lesley and her signature bold black style is something to consider in my design so I used a lot of black with vibrant colours, kept the inside of fort dark as well so you can focus on what kids are doing. You can see the parents peeking at them in the background if you notice?   

Close up entrance by Lesley Barnes, I love the giant key!

Close up room by Emma Block with her lovely grandparents.

Close up room by Thereza Rowe, I want to live in this room! 

Close up room by Yelena Bryksenkova, I like the caring atmosphere here.

Close up room by Antonia Parker with a funky granny!

This month Shelter hosts an exhibition of artwork including our collaboration in the concept of Up My Street at the Coningsby Gallery, so please visit there if you are around and enjoy the exhibition!