28 Feb 2010

Anyone likes Blur?

I promised to draw Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon for some lovely Blur crazy girls so here they are.

Damon Albarn

Graham Coxon

He does look too young, I didn't mean to do this to him, but if I had a chance to see him when he was 14, he'd probably looked like this, I guess.

I used to love boys with glasses, I especially loved a Japanese comedian, Ken Yahagi and used his picture as my phone background. All of my friends were dismissive about it, found me strange because he didn't look handsome enough to have as a phone background which was so unfair. Do you want see how he looks like? Here you go.

Ken Yahagi

I was slightly pissed off with the fact that I struggled finding nice images of him on google, by the way.


  1. wow those are fantastic! :D look forward to seeing more :D