21 Oct 2010

Making a banner!

I wanted to change my blog title and the banner for ages! (sorry it's so sudden) So I finally started to get on with it, I showed the process on twitter and got some ideas what to put in my illustration.

How I started...

Added chicken legs...

Requests from
@mattellero: Some sort of animal- a bird or a fox
are added...

@whisk82: A basket of laundry and a washing machine
@shad_0: Super samurai hamster
are added...

@abigaildaker: A boat or a ship
@lesleybarnes: An eagle
are added...

@iamanoctopusAN OCTOPUS
@daria_hA flying chair

@r_hakimArt nouveau frame
is added...

and I just carried on drawing and this is how it's done!
Now I'm going to polish this off and transform it into a banner somehow. :)


  1. amazing skill! and the final result rocks! can't wait to see your banner)

  2. Wow, this must have taken you ages to draw! What skill, I love it :D

  3. Tee he he, thank you guys! My banner is almost done, almost!