30 Jun 2011

Paint it! Make it! retrospective!

Erica Sharp, Lea Wade, Stephen Chan and I were planning this event over a month and we finally did it last Saturday! We had cakes, balloons, origamis, pens and everything, live drawing by Mr Millerchip, Kristian Jones, Seb Burnett and Stephen Chan was amazing, best live drawing I've ever seen, and people loved live portrait drawing by Jenny Robins and June Sees... We've raised £300.16 pounds on a day when the tube was down Glastonbury was on, and the whole world was conspiring to keep us out of London! (My train in morning was stuck halfway through to London for 20mins and had to change twice after, train for going back home took over 2 hours thought it takes about 1 hour usually, taxi we took from the station wasn't even bothered to stop in front of our flat! )

Preparation time...
Everyone (especially girls!) loved kimonos and yukatas, zine binding, our origami zoo, hundreds of pen, papers and crafty bits, two massive cardboard trees...

I made matcha (green tea) and ginger white choc cupcakes... didn't have a chance to taste... :(

Prizes from ToDryForNo Guts No Glory and Kuretake UK!
Beautiful Emma Block and Kim Roberts in Yukatas!
Emma and Kim looked so stunning, I'm sure their BFs wanted to see this in person... :)

Origami workshop by Erica Sharp and Kuretake UK pen trial!
Zine making workshop by Lea Wade!
Lovely Will Aslett and Katie Moth popped in too...

Live portrait drawing by Jenny Robins and June Sees!
Awesome girls, I love how happy he looks with his portrait... :D

Live drawing in morning!
Completed live drawing by Mr MillerchipKristian JonesSeb Burnett and Stephen Chan!
We have more fantastic pictures on Illustration Rally flickr page, so please check them out. 

A massive thanks to all those who came and to all those who helped out tirelessly, giving us the first of what we hope will be many Illustration Rally live art events! We've raised nearly £2,000 since we started our Japan Tsunami Appeal on JustGiving, I could never do this without everyone's help...

I also did a cover art of our Paint it! Make it! zine, I wasn't sure if it's ok for me to do this as all the contributors in the zine is fantastic... but Stephen forced me to do (honest!) so I think I can justify myself this time... You can buy our charity zine from here for the minimum donation for the zine is £3, and postage and packing costs £1.50 for UK shipping, £2.50 rest of the world. 

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