3 Apr 2012

Hand Made Type Workshop

Last year, I was featured in Hand Made Type Workshop, created by amazing Charlotte Rivers! This book gives the reader an in depth tutorial style approach to learning different techniques useful in creating fonts by hand. (my tutorial is in the photos above.)

This book is on Amazon and you can purchase it here as well.

Also, I'm planning to start creating custom made hand drawn post card like this for you to purchase,
It'll be drawn on 300gsm watercolour paper by colourful inks, you can request me any message or lines you like and colours you fancy, I'll draw it all by my own hand! It will be ideal for a gift for your beloved one, if you are interested in please shoot me an email!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the colours in your words above. Looks so great. (This is my first time reading your blog - it's lovely. I'm subscribed :) )