17 Jul 2010


I just became 26 years old the other day and yesterday was the day we booked a dinner at
Cotto in Cambridge! It was the first visit there and we were so looking forward to it, so we even skipped a proper lunch. (Maybe the lovey dovey birds we saw earlier was a good sign.)

The Food there was... AWESOME!

Beef Carpaccio

Crayfish and crab starter

Red snapper with sorrel and samphire

Beef fillet steak

Blueberry creme brulee

Apple tart

They have a 3 course set menu only for £35, but they let you chose everything and have a different menu depending on what is fresh. They are also a cafe so you can have various teas and special cakes during the day, we'll definitely go back there again after their summer holiday. :)

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for sending me the link for this it looks amazing! And yes as you said, the price is really very reasonable for a special meal out. I'll deffo have to hit this place up :D