13 Jul 2010

Pornsaint Catalog + goodies!

Here is a beautiful Pornsaints Catalog for the group exhibition at Zurich, the size of book is 5.8"x8.3", 20 pages, full colour, with introduction written by Gregorio
Magini and Vanni Santoni.

The artists in this catalog are:
Molly Crabapple
Jeff Faerber
Katelan Foisy
Francesco D' Isa
Aunia Kahn
Zoe Corleone Zoe Lacchei
Steven Leyba
Danny Malboeuf
Robert Morris
Natsuki Otani
Giuseppe Petrilli
Italia Ruotolo
Natalie Shau
Ellen Stagg
Pamela Tait
Kris Wlodarski

This book contains exposed ladies but it is a theme we humans haven't got bored of drawing for a couple of thousand years so why would you hesitate to get one?! I'm selling this with my winged boy postcard and one of my handmade luggage tags, it's for £4 with PayPal or Credit card. There are only 10 copies available to buy so be quick and have a wonderful gift! :)

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