14 Apr 2010

Be a strong woman

I just sent a drawing off for the Photography and Art competition at the Birdcage gallery in Norwich today. I didn't have much time for it so the original image is quite small (5"x7") but I had a little bit of playing around with my scanned image, which I'm hoping that you like.

The theme was circus so I was doing some research but I was really struggling to get any inspiration, when I finally came up with the idea, bondage (I'm not sure how I was going to connect it with the theme circus) my idea even went worse and couldn't get any roughs done. Despite the fact the photographs of Nobuyoshi Araki I was looking at were incredibly inspirational, sexy and passionate.

Anyways, I gave up on drawing bondage and started to draw a juggler but my other half suggested to me to look up Strong men, (I never heard of this before...) and I quite liked the idea so this's what happened in the end.

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