16 Apr 2010

Lovely girl from a planet of Blur

Saying "twitter is awesome!!" or "twitter is the best!!!" would put many people off probably and I'm not going to say that. But I must admit I met so many wonderful people through it, and Nadya Saskia is one of them! She is from Jakarta and totally crazy about Blur, she is the reason why I drew Damon Albarn for Illustration Rally.

I took part in her postcard project in which she sends a diy postcard to people who want it, they'll receive the postcard weeks later and they take a picture of themselves with the postcard or just the postcard alone. They send the photos to her and she compiles them into a zine!

Sounds awesome doesn't it?

and this is what I've done for her! I can't wait to see her completed zine...


  1. aaaah natsuki! you just makes me want to continue this project again, i almost forgot about it due to my recent job. i feel bad for some people that haven't received the postcard yet because i stop drawing the postcard.

    After this blog post, there's no reason i delay this project. it must be done! :3

    cheers, miss!

  2. Nadya, you really made my day with your sweet post card! You definitely should continue this project though I must say that you shouldn't push yourself too hard either as you are such a delicate little girl! Good luck with your new job and the project! xxx