9 Apr 2010

Featured in Computer Arts Magazine!

Here is wicked news! My work is in this month's Computer Arts Magazine as part of Japan feature! Unfortunately, my name got spelt wrong (Natsuki Osani, it says) and there was almost no-one called by that name on the internet so anyone who's interested in my work because of the article will never find me really.

My name is Natsuki Otani, not Natsuki Osani, I'm just writing this with a little hope that this blog post will give people a chance to reach to my website if there are any! If you are the one who's interested in my illustration and couldn't find my website, the link is below! :D

Still, I'm really really happy about this, this is the first time my work ever appeared in such a major magazine. All the Japanese artists in the article are so talented and big names, (I'm not nearly good enough to be next to them honestly) you should keep an eye on those guys!
In the end, a big thank you to Nick Carson for such a wonderful feature.


  1. Awww hun, sucks your name was spelt wrong! I'll have to get hold of a copy :) xxxx

  2. will defo get a copy of this issue!!

  3. I typed in Natsuki Osani into google and this was the first page that came up, I think you are safe ;)